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The disruption of the centuries-established power in the Earthsky started affecting Osrakum. Obsidian wanted to recover his rightful place as Emperor and Carnelian wanted freedom for the people of Earthsky. As they forced the structure of the society to conquer their aims, the true history of that society was revealed. The balance of the political powers was breaking and a new balance had to be found.

The Third God is the third and final part of The Stone Dance of the Chameleon, and unifies it into a three volume epic, rather than a trilogy. The plot is complex, taking many twists and turns, to reach an apocalyptic ending. Carnelian – from whose point of view the whole story is told – although not a strong and active hero, proved to have the key role in the events.

The main weakness of Carnelian as a character is his emotional dependence on other characters. But that “over-humanity” may be intended to mark the difference of the deity he represents and emphasize the sadism that is characteristic of the Masters and the Wise.

The ending makes justice to the size and complexity of the work, and it amazed me for its credibility. Political systems tend to be cyclic: sooner or later dominant groups loose strength and fall. Our History tells us that the most stable systems are the ones with strongest hierarchy and religious faith, but even those may fall. It is also interesting to think how time/habit/tradition can give strength to one system that starts in fragile conditions, and how dominant parties seek tradition to make their beginning fall into oblivion.

The Stone Dance of the Chameleon is written in a vivid and colorful way, even if sometimes the presence of blood, death and violence may be considered a bit excessive by some readers. As a Fantasy Epic, its original characters and setting lead the plot to a completely new direction. Time will undoubtedly put it among the Fantasy Classics.


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