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Cthulhu Poster

H. P. Lovecraft’s cosmic entity is the subject of another movie. Cthulhu, the 2007 american horror movie, is centered on Professor Russ, who returns to his hometown, situated in an island, after his mother’s death. His father is the leader of a strange apocalyptic cult. As Russ explores his childhood places he starts linking his father’s cult to several mysterious child kidnaps. When he starts exploring the town’s deeper roots he discovers that something bigger may be behind it.

As a cliché, Russ meets a childhood friend and falls in love. Unexpectedly, it’s a boyfriend, not a girlfriend.

This is a low-budget movie, so high-tech special effects are not to be expected. Apart from being loosely based on Lovecraft’s fiction, it captures well the environment. As it always happens, Cthulhu never shows its face (and whoever saw it is unable to utter a description by words), but a tension is built througout the movie. The end is… just strange.


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