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TurandotOnce upon a time there was a beautiful Enchanted Princess who was at the age of getting engaged. She thought that it was a very nice opportunity to make a game: she would marry the Prince Charming who could answer her three riddles. If a Prince failed, she would lustfully watch him bleed to death.

It sounds stupid, but it worked with a few hundred Prince Charmings…

One day a Prince Charming arrived to the Palace. Everyone, including the King, told him that the Princess just wanted to see his blood spilled. But the Prince insisted in playing the game.

The Prince solved the three riddles.

The Princess was terribly disappointed and started crying. The Prince Charming comforted her:

“Don’t be so sad. I’ll give you one more chance. You don’t know my real name. Tell me my real name before the sun rises, and at sunrise you may lustfully watch me bleed to death.”

During the night the Princess menaced all her kingdom with a death sentence if she had to marry the Prince Charming next morning.

The Princess tortured to death a few suspects of knowing the Prince’s name, but dawn was arriving and she couldn’t discover his name.

The morning came. A new day began.

The Prince Charming had a deathwish. He told her his name.

The Enchanted Princess was a sadist. She married him.

My favorite Turandot: Birgit Nilsson (Principessa Turandot), Franco Corelli (Principe Ignoto), Renata Scotto (Liu), Orchestra e Coro del Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Francesco Molinari Pradelli.


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